Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Here I am..

This is not the most enjoyable time for teachers and teachers who are also coaches. I am here at my school desk at Parent/Teacher conferences. Why you might ask is this not an enjoyable time?
It really isn't the sitting and talking with parents. I am a people person, and so having the time to put some faces to some people and interact with them is not bad at all. It isn't the time. Yes, I don't like the time away from my family and home, but this is the job I chose, so I have to live with it. The thing that really makes this unenjoyable is the expectations part, or the differing expectations. Some parents have higher expectations for their child. Some WANT higher expectations for their child. Some have lower than what I think they should have.... I know as a coach this is a tough time because you are taken away from your routine and schedule, and so are the athletes, so you wonder the effects of it. Also, I really enjoy the practice part of my coaching. If I have had a long day at school, I look forward to practice. A chance to get out and work on stuff.
Anyway, the tough part is the expectation gap and the not being able to do what you really look forward to doing during the day. So, when I sit down with the parents, I already have my mind in different areas, and then we talk about the student and child. What I see as an issue, or what I don't see as an issue, is not always the same on the other side of the conversation. You feel kind of stuck then. The reactions are all different, and you are not sure where they are going to go. Now, most times expectations are relatively the same and the conversation is right where you think it should be..... There is always that time when it isn't. Then it starts. The conversation is forced a little, and there is conflict. I haven't had really any trouble during conferences, but I have gotten some confused looks sometimes, and you just wonder.....

Do you think Jesus had things he didn't look forward too, or didn't enjoy? Did he think like that? Did he let his mind wander sometimes when he was doing something? Was he so focused on his mission, did he think in terms of enjoyment? How did he deal or approach people that didn't meet his expectations? How does he deal with it now? After the sacrifice he made for us....

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  1. He had to have things He didn't look forward to - after all, he asked God the Father if it was possible to not go through with the Crucifixion. Of course, he ended that prayer with, "Not what I will, but Your will be done." (I'm paraphrasing, of course)

    I am humbled and awed when I think of God's expectations. Humbled at his righteous disappointment in my wandering heart, chasing after worthless things. Awed by the grace provided in loving me anyway and offering to forget my misdeeds, if only I'll promise to repent and seek Him more.